Sergei Belikov

classical painting in academic traditions

The territory you have just entered is devoted to classical painting. Here I will briefly tell the story of my life and talk about the paths that led me to the temple of art, to the altar of painting. As a child, I came across a portrait of a woman made with a simple pencil. I saw a living look through the lines on the paper, and it was beyond magical for me. Then I thought that if I could ever draw something like that, my life would not have been lived in vain.

Later I was lucky to work on unique artistic objects with great masters of Central Asia. They taught me the basics of painting and the secrets of the old masters, which they passed on from mouth to mouth from generation to generation. This knowledge helped me develop my own technique, which I successfully use in my works.

Later I became interested in layering techniques, and here I began to develop my skills in the Flemish tradition. I made several copies of Cabanel and Winterhalter’s works to prove my skill. Over time, I developed my own style, in which I continue to create portraits of my contemporaries.

Что делает мою работу уникальной?
Я использую собственную технику живописи, которая основана на многослойном методе. Это позволяет мне создавать невероятно реалистичные и объемные изображения на холсте.  В настоящее время многие секреты старой школы утрачены и не преподаются в художественных школах. 


What is unique about multilayer technology?
The method of creating images by sequentially applying layers of paint allows you to obtain a number of advantages over the conventional method, for example, ala prima. Firstly: the painting’s resistance to aging increases, which is important for collectors. The guarantee of safety of work is 300-500 years. Secondly: the optical properties of paint are used, which, when applied, create incredibly expressive and strong images, which cannot be achieved by any other artistic technique.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the “sfumato” effect, which literally “revitals” the image. These unique and specific qualities, which are not found in modern painting, make my work unique. A number of secrets allow you to achieve incredible resemblance to the model.

Multi-layer technology produces museum-quality images of very high quality. It’s right. But there are difficulties. This method takes a long time. Making a portrait can take from several months to a year. The work also requires high-quality materials. These two factors significantly increase the cost of the finished piece of art.

Хорошая новость заключается в том, что коллекционеры и ценители искусства интуитивно ощущают ценность произведений в традициях так называемой «фламандской школы». Поэтому люди охотно заказывают портреты близких и семейные портреты. За последние годы выполнил ряд работ для частных клиентов и организаций. В частности, серия портретов для финской корпорации UPM, серия работ для аукционного дома Hagelstam, а также выполнен заказ на написание портретов шведской королевской семьи для частного заказчика. 

I would like to add that regardless of the fluctuations in fashion trends that we have observed over the decades, classical painting, unlike experimental and other modern paintings, is always in demand, and does not disappear into nowhere after 20-30 years, but takes its rightful place in museums and private collections and does not lose in value, but only grows. By choosing the old school, you are making the right choice, which has already been confirmed by the historical experience of many collectors and art lovers.