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Many beautiful and familiar things would never have been created without the help of wealthy people. Museums around the world would now stand empty if patrons did not understand the importance and significance of their participation in the process of creation, and not just accumulation.
Our predecessors left us valuable works of art and now it’s our turn to think about what we will leave to our descendants in memory of our time. Will we be able to create something great and worthy so that our descendants will not consider us dwarfs and degenerates?
Our names may be forgotten, or they may be pronounced with gratitude for many hundreds of years, and our descendants can be proud of us if we make an effort and direct some of our energy and resources to creative processes.
In addition, with the right approach, art can bring thousands of percent in profit within the first ten years. This is a very profitable investment. The risks are minimal.
We all live different lives. In mine, I have not yet been able to earn enough money to paint freely, but I have mastered the techniques of the old masters and can create works of art of high artistic and historical value.
You have mastered the art of making and investing money, and we could combine our skills to achieve one big and profitable goal. I need help with an art project. I am ready to discuss it with you.
If you are not interested in any joint projects, I have four portraits of members of the Swedish royal family that I could show and suggest to you. I could also paint portraits of high artistic value for you and your loved ones.
Any help from you will be relevant. By and large, I need a workshop to work and a minimum amount of funds to support the livelihoods of my family. Therefore, any order you place will help me achieve small and large goals and add new works of art to the world collection.

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