Do you want to know the price?

In short — 36 euros per hour. The image on canvas 40x50cm will be ready in 80-300 hours of pure time.
Usually everyone asks: How much does a portrait cost? And they expect to hear some amount, for example, five thousand euros or eighteen thousand euros. Any amount you hear will sound big to you. Because we always value our own work and do not value the work of others.
If I ask for three thousand euros for work, you will say: «Oh! It’s too expensive!» Then you go to your job painting someone’s wall, place an order in two days and ask for the same three thousand, and this payment will seem quite fair to you. Or paint the car body and ask for five thousand, that’s fine too. And for a portrait, a thousand euros is expensive, and five hundred euros is expensive, and two hundred euros is expensive. Why?
I often ask: «How much are you willing to pay for a portrait?» I have never heard an answer to this question. Only mooing.
If you are interested, I can explain what the cost of a portrait consists of. For high-quality painting, good materials are needed. I need to buy a stretcher and a small canvas — about 100 euros. (if large size -1000-1200 e) You need to buy paints — at least black, white, brown, blue, yellow, ocher and red — 7 pieces for 20 euros — total 140. You need to buy varnish resin, thinner, thinner, palette knife , brushes — about 150 euros. To just get started, I need to buy consumables for 400 euros. Of course, you can find all this at a flea market much cheaper, but we are talking about high-quality painting, right?

Why do my works look as good as the works in museums? Because I use the same painting techniques and techniques that the masters used in the past. What does the work for a portrait 40x50cm consist of? (We consider a simple image, without glasses, awards, jewelry, buttons and other small details).
First day. Preparation of the canvas, drawing the main lines of the face, imprimatur. 5-6 hours.
Second day. First shadow layer. 8-10 hours.
Third day. Second shadow layer. 8-10 hours.
Fourth day. Third shadow layer. 5-6 hours.
Fifth day. First sculptural layer. 8-10 hours.
Sixth day. Second sculptural layer. 8-10 hours.
Seventh day. The third sculptural layer. 5-6 hours.
Eighth day. First color layer. 8-10 hours.
Ninth day. Second color layer. 8-10 hours.
Tenth day. Third color layer. 8-10 hours.
Eleventh day. Glazing. 8-10 hours.
Twelfth day. Glazing. 8-10 hours.
We get about a hundred hours.
Depending on the complexity, any of the steps may require additional time. Between each layer, a drying time of 2-7 days is required. The optimistic term for making a portrait is about a month.
For example, a recent 150x220cm portrait took about 1200 hours of time, about 6 months of work. How much would such a job cost?
I wonder how much money you received in the last six months of your work?

We have just looked at the costly part of creating a picture. As a result of these costs, a special product appears — a work of art that has artistic, cultural and historical value. Own cost of painting exceeds the cost part hundreds of times. Collectors and investors who buy works of art at auctions are well aware of this. It is very profitable to buy directly from the artist, since the intrinsic value of the painting (cultural, historical and artistic value) in this case is often not taken into account at all. So do not hesitate, order portraits — your own, children and relatives. Investing in good art always pays off.