Do you want to know the price?

What to give?

How to surprise if a person already has everything?

A portrait is a great choice for every occasion!

Portrait on paper with a simple pencil — 50 euros A4 (100 euros A3).

Portrait on paper with colored pencils — 80 euros A4 (150 euros A3).

Watercolor on paper from 100 – 500 euros.

Oil/canvas ordinary portrait from 600 – 1500 euros.

Oil / canvas museum (according to the technology of old masters) 1500 — 3500 euros.

In my work, I use my own unique painting technique, which is based on the traditions of the «Flemish» school. The technology is based on a multilayer method that allows, creating optical layers on the surface of the canvas, to create an incredible volume and expressiveness of the image. The cost of each portrait depends on many factors, such as size, detail, background, number of faces in the portrait, timing, etc. For example, a portrait made in full accordance with the technology of multi-layer painting, forty by fifty centimeters in oil on canvas, is in production for six to eight months. Therefore, its normal natural value is 25,000 — 50,000 euros.

See, I’m not hiding anything. The work requires great precision, attention and skill. It takes hundreds of hours to make a portrait. It is because of this that the portrait becomes a unique work of art and is worth the money you pay for it.

If you order two portraits, get a ten percent discount. If you order three or more, you will receive a twenty percent discount. I also don’t mind if you want to pay more than the price I quoted. In any case, work on the portrait begins after a full prepayment.

For my part, I guarantee that the portrait will be made as soon as possible with full observance of technology, and I also guarantee full similarity with the model.