I want to tell you about a unique collection of jewelry that I managed to create a couple of decades ago and bring it to a complete, almost perfect state over many years.

History of creation

At one time, I created jewelry from natural stone and sold it at the local market. They were beautiful but heavy. Customers dreamed of large-sized jewelry, but it would be difficult to wear such jewelry in the ears. We had to find a solution. Jewelry should be large, made from natural materials, and at the same time have a minimum weight. What could it be? Several months were spent searching and experimenting. As a result, natural fabrics were chosen as the material, and this choice ultimately determined the look and philosophy of the new jewelry. The effect exceeded all expectations. Everyone was satisfied — both fashionistas and the creator of jewelry. Since the new jewelry was reminiscent of a geometric pattern, I called my collection «Arabesques». This name turned out to be successful and came into common use.

What are they made of

«Arabesque» is completely handmade. Earrings are assembled from purified natural threads and fabrics. Hooks are 925 sterling silver.

It turned out that many people use jewelry spontaneously, rarely thinking about what a stunning effect you can get if you choose jewelry for yourself, taking into account the peculiarities of your appearance.

Fabric proved to be a versatile material!

What is the uniqueness?

Jewelry received light and beautiful. Also, the material provides an excellent opportunity to work with color. In addition, managed to preserve the velvet texture of the fabric in the jewelry, which makes «Arabesques» extraordinarily pleasant to the touch. In addition, it turned out that the earrings create additional visual effects. If you wear our earrings, the color of the iris will appear more saturated. And the look will become more expressive. In addition, the texture of the fabric is in harmony with the lips, which visually makes them more sensual. This effect has been confirmed by many clients.

In the modern global conveyor world, everything has become the same, and therefore individuality in style acquires great importance and value, and this can only be given by manual work.

Arabesque jewelry, born in Finland, is able to open a new era in the fashion industry around the world. «Arabesques» — look at yourself in a new way!

«Arabesques» are jewelry that have stood the test of time. They are always relevant and in demand. The uniqueness is confirmed by the fact that there cannot be more than ten pairs of jewelry in the series. Even in the same series, earrings differ from one pair to another, and are absolutely individual.


The collection is constantly updated, there are always several hundred pieces of jewelry in stock. If you are the owner of your own store, you have a great chance to offer this unique product to your customers. Jewelry is conveniently placed on a wheeled stand or on a small stand on the table, and does not take up much space. Racks can be custom made for you.

Feel free to apply and place «Arabesques» in your trading territories.

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