All the people who ordered portraits from me noted that the image exactly matched the original. That on the canvas is exactly the person they know well. Not approximately, but absolutely exactly. The element of similarity is very important for a portrait. I have honed this skill over the years. I have my own recipes and secrets, which makes my work unique.

Many people tell me that it is impossible to paint a person’s face so accurately with oil on canvas and convey all the subtleties and psychological nuances. That, most likely, the image was printed on a printer and painted on top. 🙂
First, I take such statements as a compliment. And secondly, I can safely say that with this method, your image will be flat. You will not be able to get that deep volume, which is in my works and is the second feature of my style.

As I already said, the method is based on the use of the properties of optical layers, and this effect can be obtained only with the help of exact observance of the technology, and no reprints of the photo on the canvas will help you with this. In addition, when I paint a portrait from a photograph, I do not redraw the picture, but draw the person who is depicted on it. Therefore, a portrait often differs from a photograph and looks more like a living person than a picture.

The author’s style makes portraits unique, the characters in the paintings are recognizable, and the depth and volume of the image makes an impression on the viewer — that’s why people like such portraits.

As a rule, customers who made an order come back and order more. After all, there are many close people around us, whose images are pleasant to see in your home, and besides, a portrait is a good gift for all occasions. You will never be ashamed of such a gift, and the person who received the portrait will appreciate it and will keep a good disposition towards you for a long time.