Marina’s paintings

Here are the works of a wonderful artist, friend, colleague and wife — Marina Moiseeva.
She works in a classical academic style and paints in oils on canvas. The main direction is figurative art. Marina does not just depict people — each work is full of philosophical meaning, and even the names of art paintings speak for themselves. In addition, Marina is an unsurpassed colorist, she uses thousands of the finest shades to convey the color nuances of leather and draperies that are barely visible to the eye.
It takes about a month of work to create each picture, but the result is always excellent. Her artwork is always fresh and unique. You can verify this by looking at some of the works that I will post below.

Agree, great work!

7900,- euro


«White Lily» — is the name of Marina’s new work. Canvas/oil 80×100 cm.

Lily is an ancient symbol of purity, sincerity and noble origin. In ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the specific smell of a lily inspired associations with erotic love and fertility, and in medieval Europe this flower was seen as an image of modesty and innocence.
In China, a white lily means strength of mind. Also, with a brand in the form of a lily, as a symbol of indelible shame, criminals were branded. The moon in the Tarot is an illusion, a dream. The moon is also associated with feminine energy. What meanings did you see in «White Lily?»

One of multitude

8100,- euro



«One of the many»,

oil on canvas,

100x80cm, 2023

One of the new works. And again we have a picture of a mystery. The ballerina holds a rose in her hands — one of the many. What is she thinking at this moment? Why sad? An inquisitive viewer must independently find answers to these questions.


9630,- euro




oil on canvas.

120x80cm, 2022.

Disappearance… story-reflection about the change of dimension. When the new comes, the old disappears. Why is the girl in pointe shoes? Does it have to do with classical art, which now, perhaps, no one needs and is hidden in a dark room? Old toys sometimes brighten up loneliness, but rarely console. The river of time, like the light in the window, always flows in one direction… This is the disappearance…