Double portrait

Finished work on a large portrait. Work format 150x220cm. Canvas, oil. The work took about six months and more than a thousand hours of pure time.
The painting depicts Tita and Gustav Serlacius. Representatives of famous Finnish families. In the background is a copy of Raphael’s Madonna in the Armchair

The video shows a fragment of work on a copy of a Raphael painting. The pencil sketch is outlined with ink for subsequent application of imprimature.

The final work looks like this:

Work on the portrait progressed incredibly difficult. A low quality photograph was used as a reference. The exact outlines of the eyes and the lines of the mouth were almost invisible and had to be reconstructed from subtle shadows and hints of light.

The characters I draw always look like the original because I don’t redraw the photo, I draw the people who are in the photo. I don’t have the task of making a copy from a photograph; I depict characteristic personality traits and convey the mood of the characters, taking into account their physical parameters and lighting characteristics.

You can easily notice that the image in the photo is flat, while in oil painting the faces have volume and stand out in space.