Was born in 1967 in the Soviet Union.
I worked in commercial advertising, and at the same time carried out orders for portraits for friends and acquaintances in pencil technique. Later, while working in the ganchkor community in Uzbekistan, I got acquainted with old recipes for painting walls and ceilings, which could be applied in portrait painting.
Then came the hard times, and I had to become an entrepreneur and make a living wherever possible. But even at that difficult time, I found the opportunity to paint portraits for friends, honing my skills and improving my technique.

In 2000 I left for Finland. Since that time I have been constantly working and living in Helsinki. Here I also have been doing business for a long time, but in recent years I decided to devote myself entirely to painting.

I have successfully completed a series of portraits and hope to expand my client network. I will be glad to see you among our customers.